Revised Fee for CILT Pakistan

Posted on October 1, 2012 in news

Annual Subscription:

(a)    Chartered Fellow                                   Rs.1600/-

(b)   Chartered Member                                Rs.1400/-

(c)    Member                                                     Rs.1200/-

(d)   Affiliate                                                       Rs.  800/-

Admission / Certification Fee:

(a)    Chartered Fellow                                    Rs.2400/-

(b)   Chartered Member                                 Rs.2200/-

(c)    Member                                                      Rs.2000/-

(d)   Affiliate                                                        Rs.1700/-


Upgradation Fee:

(a)    From Affiliate to Member                              Rs.1400/-

(b)   From Member to Chartered Member        Rs.1600/-

(c)    From Chartered Member to Fellow          Rs.2000/-


Life Membership Fee (age bracket):

(a)    Upto 40 years

    1. Chartered Fellow                          Rs.36,000/-
    2. Chartered Member                      Rs.30,000/-


(b)   Between 40 – 50 years

    1. Chartered Fellow                          Rs.27,000/-
    2. Chartered Member                      Rs.24,000/-


(c)    Between 50 – 60 years

    1. Chartered Fellow                          Rs.22,000/-
    2. Chartered Member                       Rs.19,000/-


(d)   Above 60 years

    1. Chartered Fellow                          Rs.14,000/-
    2. Chartered Member                      Rs.12,000/-