CILT Pakistan

Late Mr. M. S. Ahmed, who was the honorary corresponding member of CIT Pakistan, visited London in April 1976 thereby setting the foundation stone for the establishment of CIT Pakistan center. First lots of corporate members of Pakistan were elected by CIT London in November 1976 and its first General Meeting was held June 1977 when they had a total of 47 fellows and members.

By the end of 1986, CILT was recognized, raising its status from a Center to a Division with five sections- Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar and Quetta. Membership at that time was 343. Next major land mark of CILT Pakistan was its up gradation to Council status in October 1991, which is the highest hierarchy of CILT at the international level.

In August 1991, the President of Pakistan graciously agreed to be the Patron of CILT Pakistan and was pleased to grant the Presidential Charter for functioning of Institute in Pakistan.New title of CILT Pakistan was adopted in November 2001.

CILT Pakistan’s performance at international level has been acknowledged as being very impressive. With the addition of Logistics to the original charter of transport, CILT will be a major professional body at international level. CILT Pakistan is constantly showing progress with this enhanced role, confidence and renewed interest.

CILT Pakistan provides a network of contacts, promotes the exchange of information on all aspects affecting the performance and evolution of the transportation system through seminars, workshops and conferences; provides an educational program with examinations leading to a professional grade within the CILT; collaborates with other private and public organizations (including governments and academic institutions) on training and research and promotes recognition of excellence in the profession. Members are from all areas of professional activity including those involved in supply chain management, dispute resolution, policy and strategic planning, warehousing, operations, client services, academics, consultants and key decision makers.

The Chartered Institute of logistics & Transport is the leading professional body associated with logistics and transport. With over 33,000 members in over 100 countries worldwide, CILT holds unparalleled professional international recognition. Established in 1919 and receiving its Royal Charter in 1926, the institute has an exciting history behind it, but is always adapting to stay consistent with current logistics and transport issues.

The chartered institute of Logistics and Transport is a prestigious professional body of logistics and transport professionals. Its membership is cherished internationally and is considered equivalent to degree in transport and a qualification for employment in transport sector. The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport is a truly international organization. It has a network of National Councils and sections that span the globe.

The principal objective of the Institute is “To promote and encourage the art and science of logistics and transport”. The Institute achieves this objective through both its membership and its educational qualifications.

Membership provides a professional identity to those in the logistics and transport sector, as well as international recognition. The Institute’s professional qualifications educate not only those already in the sector, but also those wishing to enter into it.

The Institute is represented worldwide with National Councils, National Independent Sections and Institute Branches. Each territorial organization is, in its own right, a separate organization representing the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport in their territory. They all share the common cause of achieving the institute’s primary objective.

Our Values

We have adopted a set of values which guide our work across the profession and enable us to be clear as to our purpose and our method. We will:

  •     Be inclusive and welcoming to all
  •     Promote professionalism and high standards
  •     Act at all times in an ethical way
  •     Create activities to inspire individual opportunity
  •     Care deeply about our environment, our economy and our society
  •     Be vibrant and progressive

Our vision

To be the leading global membership organization providing education and development for both individuals and corporations within our range of professions

Our Goals

  •     To be recognized as a leading policy and practitioner voice on logistics, supply chain and transport issues
  •     To raise the image and status of our profession
  •     To have a membership which reflects the diversity of the societies in which we operate
  •     To be the provider of “the standard” qualifications of the profession
  •     To significantly increase membership by growing both individual and corporate numbers
  •     To be recognized as an ambassador for CILT across the world
  •     To generate sufficient funds to fulfill our obligations and to invest in our vision